Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a difference a year makes

A year ago (in October) Lincoln and I had just started dating.  We had no idea it would end up getting married!  We took the top picture after carving pumpkins last year.  Notice my dark hair and horrible yard.  Who would of thought we would  be doing the same thing a year later, but married.  It was Lincoln's idea to wear the same clothes,  I didn't match perfectly from year to year, but you get the idea.   
We were still in the beginning stage of our relationship in the above picture.  It was very easy to date Lincoln and everything went so smooth, but I am still human and I couldn't help but be a little weird and insecure at the beginning stages of our dating.  

After a year of being together as a couple and being married for over four months, you can see the weirdness has slowly gone away.  It is very easy to be with Lincoln, he is great.  I wonder if we will be doing the same thing next year... of course we will, and I am sure Lincoln will wear the same thing then too.  Here's to many more years!!   :)


Unknown said...

That is so cute! Now you have to take a pic like that every year. Hang on to those clothes! Ha! I love the difference. The beginning stages of relationships are always so funny. You look much more comfortable in the second shot!

Sarah said...

Mallory, that is so sweet! I agree with Serena. You guys look way more comfortable in the second pick and thank goodness because you should! It's funny. There's a picture of Dan and I on our honeymoon and we look really awkward together. I always laugh when I see it because well, it was our honeymoon. But I digress. I loved this post! Love learning more about you and Lincoln. I think you SHOULD do this every year! Although, for the years that you're pregnant, you may have to sit in front of him.

I wish you uploaded your pictures at a bigger size so that when I click on them I could get a closer look!

The Mathews Family said...

Yes I can picture this same pose in my mind 15 years from now. The only thing different will be your 7 children gathered all around you on the porch! Hee Hee!

nikki said...

Way to take matters into your own hands. It can be hard to maintain friendships with single people after you are married, but it can be done. We have a few and they still love us :)

cec said...

What a cute couple!