Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Tutorial- Chignon

Tutorial Time!! So, remember Day 24 with the Chignon? I got a few requests to do a tutorial, and I can't resist when someone says pretty please. This tutorial is extra special because my dear Lincoln did the pictures. All together now, "Thanks, Lincoln!" He has such a eye for things. He put up a light and took a million pictures. It was so hot under that light it almost made me feel bad for real models, almost.

Here we go step by step (ooh, baby) how to do the chignon.

Step 1- Think about what you are going to do. Look off into the distance and contemplate the future of your hair... ok, really I am just making fun of the look on my face. The real first step is to curl ends under with a large iron.

Step 2- Separate hair into three sections by parting from the top of your hair to just above the ear.

Step 3- Backcomb hair at the crown and secure the back section into a low ponytail.

Step 4- Lift up the ponytail and bobby pin the ponytail to the back of your head. Be sure to add enough bobby pins on both sides so the hair doesn't come loose. This step is very important.

Step 5- Backcomb the underside of the ponytail.

Step 6- Wrap ponytail around hand and in a big loop and bobby pin the ends of the ponytail under the rubber band of the ponytail. Be sure to bobby pin on both sides of the loop.

Step 7- Take one of your side sections and backcomb the root, then wrap the section over the top and around the chignon.

Step 8- Secure the ends under the chignon and repeat with the other side.

If you have a bang section, style with a iron to add polish.
Spray the heck out of the chignon and smooth down any fly aways. (I did not spray it down or smooth it out before the picture was taken... as you can see.)

Have so much fun with this style. I think it is really easy and lovely to wear. I want updates on how it went when you all styled your hair like this, because we all know you will be styling your hair like this, right?

Have a happy hair day!


Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful look. I would love to try it. My hair is naturally curly, so it would take completely straitening it first, so maybe for an extra special event! It is so classy and fancy!

Ashley J @ MommyByDayCrafterByNight said...

I love this hairdo! Wish my hair was longer so I could try it out!!! Great tutorial!!! I am loving your blog!! :)

Sarah said...

I straighten and curl my hair all the time, so I could easily do this look for a girl's night out. By the way, great tutorial! I "pinned" you under my "HAIR" board.

Jessica said...

This is so pretty! I'll have to try it next time I dress up a little.

Emily said...

My hair needs to grow faster! I want to try this so bad, but I just dont have enough length! :)

Unknown said...

OKay, I am going to try this for Chris's fancy Christmas party this saturday. Wish me luck! I felt so under-dressed last year and so I am trying to be fancy this time. I almost made an appointment to get my hair done; but I am going to do a test run of this first to see if I can make it look as good as you did! You are one pretty lady. Hope you are enjoying Hawaii!! Still so happy for you...and just a little jealous! ;)