Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to cut a baby's hair

It is happening, Clark is getting older. I can't believe it. I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't for how big he is getting and how long his hair is (was). I normally really like little boys with longer hair, but Clark only had long hair over the ears and it wasn't cute curly hair. It hung down past his earlobes and would stick out like a Umpa Lumpa. We just couldn't have that, so my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and cut his hair.

Cutting a baby's hair is way different than cutting a kids hair mostly because all the hair is grown out at different lengths and there might even still be some bald patches. Don't fret about those bald patches, they will grow in time. But until then, just cut the areas that are getting out of control and leave the rest to catch up.I would suggest you have your baby sitting in the highchair so he is strapped down and high enough for you to cut his hair without having to wrestle him with a pair of scissors in your hands.

Always have something to distract your baby. Clark doesn't watch T.V. or I would put a show on for him, but he does love to eat. If you do decide to give them food, make sure it isn't something that the hair could stick to like suckers or fruit. Instead, try crackers or puffs.
I just cut his hair dry since it is so fine, getting it wet might make the hair harder to work with. I pulled the area that I wanted to cut
out straight from his head. Clark's long area is above the ears, but your baby might have a long section in the back or top. Cut the hair at a vertical section with a slight angle having your fingers closer to the ear, and going farther out towards the top of the head. Having your fingers between his head and your cutting line will help you to not cut his hair too short.
After you finish that section, drop it and comb it down to see how it looks. If it seems too long, just pick it up and cut a little bit more. I always suggest leaving it longer rather than cutting too much. Next, pick up a little bit of that section as well as another bit of hair behind it to cut. Using the cut section as a guide, cut the long hair you just picked up. Keep doing this until you go to the back of the head. You might find when cutting a baby's hair that the next section you pick up isn't long enough or you don't have any hair to cut. This is due to the unevenness of their hair growth. Clark has very short hair in the back, so I didn't have to cut too far back before I ran out of hair to cut.

Once you have finished the one side, go to the other side and start over. Be sure to double check your first section you are cutting to see that it is even with the previously cut section.
You can tell my the pictures that Clark was not enjoying himself near the end. Just be sure to work fast and watch for any ears or fingers that might get in the way, you don't want to cut anything more than just hair.

If you have any questions, just let me know. There is so much more to cutting a actual kids cut, but I thought I would just start with cutting baby hair.

After giving him the cut, Lincoln and I are just shocked at how old he looks with it shorter. He for sure looks better, just too old. I can't believe my baby is going to be 1 next week. Boy does the time fly.


Emily said...

Oh man! Where were you like five kids ago? Seriously necessary information. I can't wait till you get to the eight-year-old girl who wants her hair cut exactly like all her friends. Can you do that one next?

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

This is so great! I just cut, er, butchered Weston's hair a few weeks ago. It looked awful in the back. But I did exactly what you said not to- his hair was wet and I was wrestling him while wrapped up in a towel and no distractions! Thanks for the tips, next time I'll try to use a little more common sense!

ps- thanks for linking up at my party :)