Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Crib Caddy


Hey, Ladies! Have you ever found yourself in your baby's bedroom in the dark on your hands and knees desperately searching for your baby's pacifier? Have you ever looked at your child's snotty nose and thought, "Where's a wipe when you need one?" Or have you ever wished you could you put your baby thermometer in a more convenient location?

If the answer to any of these questions was "YES!" then I have just the thing for you: "The Crib Caddy™."

This simple yet elegant crib accessory is the perfect place to put all your crib crisis corrective contraptions.

"The Crib Caddy: Addressing Your Baby's Needs . . . with Style."

*Baby not included.
**Patent pending.

Here it is, the big surprise, I am in the top 12 for the sewing competition I entered. I was waiting to tell everyone for fear that they would realize that I was actually in the bottom twelve and they told me the top twelve by mistake. I was very shocked, flattered, and extremely out of my league. It couldn't have come at a worse time. December is a crazy time for us at the salon, and I had two weddings I was doing hair for. Not to mention, I also had Christmas and New Year's to deal with. Needless to say, I was a little frazzled. I really was excited for the competition, but I didn't get started until Sunday night. I was mentally done with my project, just not physically done. I knew what I wanted to do, I just needed to get my act together and finish it. So, without further ado, here is my first project for So, You Think You Can Sew.

I used the Arcadia fabric from Moda. I had a old Honey Bun and Charm Pack laying around for years just waiting to be used. The buttons are old brass and silver buttons my mom gave me.

How to Vote-
If you would like to vote for me, go to Mommy by Day Crafter by Night and follow the rules. THANKS!!


Stephy said...

Mal, this is AWESOME! I am totally going to vote for you right now. Well done! I'm so impressed!

cec said...

So cute. Love the fabric! Voted for you!

In the Loop said...

Great job! I have been learning to sew for the past two months and I love all things square since that pretty much is the extent of my skills. Heading to vote for you...

The Loops said...

I blogged about you so hopefully you get some votes! Good luck!

Mark, Stacy, & Jack said...

Way to go, Mal! That caddy is so cute and such a great idea. I'm gonna vote right now. Good luck with everything.