Thursday, April 30, 2009

step bump, step bump bump

This video is dedicated to my wonderful husband who deals with all the crazies in traffic court everyday. I love you honey

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a little help from friends

Today I needed a little pick me up. Nothing major, just with the economy, the job market, swine flu (actually, this makes me want to laugh), the rain... a girl could use a little help. I was looking through my pictures and this one did the trick.

Thanks girls...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pink Hair

I know what you are all thinking, "but Mallory, you're 30, and you're Mormon!"  I get it, but let's not forget that I don't feel 30, and Mormons can have fun with hair color too.  

Truth is, this isn't the first time.  My roommates and friends can attest that I have had many different colors in my hair.  I have had orange, blue, pink, and purple.  Those are just the "unnatural" colors.  I have a thing for going dark every few years.  I have always loved going red as well, but that never seems to look right on me.  

No matter what the color changes to, I will always consider myself a blonde.  I am such a conservative person, but a small part of me wants to be a little wild once and awhile.  I am sure like all of my other colors I have done, this won't last too long.  But it is spring and adding a little color to my life is a good idea.  Besides, my mom likes it and I can't say the same for when my hair is any other color.  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Penzone Party

Thanks to my husband for being such a trooper and coming to my work party.  Thanks to my mom for taking our pictures afterwards making me feel like we were going to prom.  Not to mention helping me find the only dress in Columbus that was modest yet didn't look like I was a mother of the bride.  Thanks to Charles Penzone for being in business for 40 years so we could have a fun time.  Wow, I sure do feel old when I go to work parties.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

My childhood flashed before my eyes

I can't wait!

(It is in wide screen on YouTube so a small portion of it is cut off on the right.)

Anthropologie, or something like that

If you know me at all you know that I LOVE Anthorpologie!  It inspires me to be a better person.  Seriously, when I leave the store or finish looking at the catalogue I am a happier, more creative person.   Just walking into the store and seeing how they decorate their displays with honey bottles or lollipops or crumpled paper I get tingles, it is magical.  I have been in love since I was in high school when I surprisingly got my first catalogue in the mail.  It was an absolute treat.  Before that, I was blessed with only the pages from J.Crew to read and dream over, and let's be honest, J.Crew is a great store, but it doesn't hold a candle to Anthro.  I love it!  

But I digress.  My love has always been a hard one due to the cost of Anthro.  I know you have to pay big for big style, but come on!  The sales room is great and the online shopping helps me keep on top of what goes on sale (btw, the sales items are updated every tuesday.)  However, it still doesn't feel like the best deal when you buy something on "sale" that costs more than $50.  Luckily, my amazing mother-in-law just sent me to a site that is so very Anthro like, but way less in price.  It is a vintage inspired store with some handmade stuff as well as other things that really made me excited to look at.  Here is the link to Ruche.  I know there are so many other stores like this, but I just don't know about them... yet.  After enjoying the awesomeness of this store, let me know of any other online stores that you love.  

Until then, my heart will always belong to Anthropologie.  I will always wander around the store trying not to drool, while Lincoln sits in one of their many beautiful chairs reading one of their uber trendy book about Audrey Hepburn or birds.  As I dream of one day purchasing without guilt.  Ah, dreams.   

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ah, New York. It is such a wonderful exciting city. Lincoln and I took a trip up there to visit my sister Nikki, her husband Cameron, and their amazingly adorable son, John. It was Lincoln's LAST spring break so we knew we had to do it in style. Here are our (out of order) pictures from our trip.

This picture is dedicated to my friend Kate who loves taking pictures of random signs. This is in SOHO (is that how you write it?) where we did some great shopping. I am now in love with a store that you can only find there in the US. It is called UNIQLO. My friend Jon gave us a heads up about it, and Nikki confirmed that it was awesome. We were not let down.

The entire gang at a museum called Cloisters. It is beautiful. It is right off the Hudson River, it is really pretty but we didn't witness any miracles on the Hudson that day.

Lincoln in the M&M store getting "scanned" to see what M&M color he is. For the record, he is silver. I don't know what that means, but it was fun. I really wanted some cinnamon bears so we went into all the candy stores in Time Square. Unfortunately, we didn't want to spend $10 on a small bag that wouldn't curb my craving. So we went to the ever dependable Duane Reed and purchased a box of Hot Tamales. It did the trick.

These are a few pictures of our many adventures on the subway. It is a must when going to NYC. Luckily, Lincoln is a great navigator and we only had to stop one time to look at the map. I had total faith that he wouldn't get us lost. We also saw a little critter on the tracks one day. Lincoln had to take a picture, and if any of you know me at all you can only imagine how freaked out I was. I had to really concentrate on my breathing so I wouldn't pass out. I HATE RODENTS!!!

Beautiful Central Park. We spent tons of time in Central Park. It is so close to Nikki and Cameron and you can't help but want to spend time there.

We had a great time. We are so happy to have such wonderful family who will let us stay with them and show us around their city.