Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanksgiving through the years

I know, I know, it's January. Why am I writing about Thanksgiving? Well, I have no answer. I just am. Here are a few shots from Thanksgiving past and present.

Back in 2005 my sister Nikki asked me to go to Prague with her for Thanksgiving. Um, yes please. We had a great time and soon started a short tradition of leaving the family and heading to Europe for turkey day. Unfortunately, they don't recognize Thanksgiving, so there was no turkey to be had on this day. Oh, well, I'll take the memories over food any day.

The next year we decided to take our younger brother Marcus along with us as we traveled all around Greece. It was so great to be there with them on this awesome trip. Unfortunately, again we had no turkey for Thanksgiving. We instead ate giros. Side note, I hate giros. But it is all for the memories, not the food.

Shortly after this, my travel partner Nikki married her dear love Cameron. This would have been a huge problem when it came to Thanksgiving travel, but I was able to spend my Thanksgiving at home with my love, Lincoln. We had a great/nervous time as he met most of my family for the first time. It was a great time with great memories AND great food.

This year was another year away from Ohio. However, it was not a year away from family or great food. Lincoln and I went out to Utah to be with his family. We had a great time together. His parents planned a trip down to Moab where we hiked around and enjoyed time in beautiful Utah.

Ok, I know that this post seems forced or maybe an old topic, but it is one of my favorite topics. Each one of those pictures have so many great memories to them. I loved my trips with my sister and brother, and I love my new Thanksgivings with Lincoln. It is all about the memories, not the food.


Sarah said...

Doesn't seem forced at all. I love hearing about anything! I love those pictures, especially the one of you and Nikki near the bridge. And, it's nice to see a recent picture of you and Lincoln in front of one of the arches. Remember when we did that trip with all our roommates? I still can't believe we did that. It was fun! You have been to some cool places! Where will you spend Thanksgiving in 2009???

Serena Cherry said...

I love these photos, too! You had so much fun. I don't think a turkey really compares to Prague and Greece! I also thought it was really funny on your facebook (I think, right?) someone said that it was funny how you were dressed like it was winter and Lincoln makes it seem like it is summer. I love it!