Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smile for the (video)camera

Does this ever happen to you? I hope so, cause it seems to happen to me allot! My mom was trying to take a picture of me and some of my friends, and well, this happened-

Here's what was supposed to happen-

Caitlin, Candace, Christy, Stacy, Kate, and me.

A few more jems from my collection of thinking it is in camera mode.

Here is another try...

I could go on, but it takes too long to post video, and I think I will spare you more fake outs. Just beware when you are taking a picture with me or by me, you might end up being videotaped without even knowing it.


The Mathews Family said...

Okay that just made me laugh! That's hilarious!

Serena Cherry said...

That happens to me ALL the time! We have a thousand 8 second videos on our iphoto! The funny part is we still burn them on to DVD's with the other stuff, because they are funny! I love it. That first one with your mom was hilarious! You guys are so fun!

Christy said...

Thank you for posting that---i am ridiculous--so is my flower, and i don't even care!

Sarah said...

The last video of you and Lincoln made me laugh out loud. That was cute and funny. The one of your Mom trying to take the picture is funny too. But your Mom kind of cracks me up no matter what. I haven't had this video problem instead of taking pictures on my camera, but I think it's funny when it happens to you because it's very entertaining. Still wishing I could have surprised you and flown out for the party. Miss you! Love you!

Kate said...

I love the videos. I've watched our several times and keep laughing. That was a fun night.