Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ariel is the worst

I have always had a thing against Princess Ariel. Lincoln thought I was crazy until he came across this.


Besides all that, she hangs out in a shell bra like it is no big deal. Seriously, that girl has issues.

If you can't see the entire thing, check it out here. http://www.boingboing.net/assets_c/2010/05/s3Pro-32442.html


Sarah said...

Mallory, I completely agree with you about all these Princesses, but the truth is, my girls are in love with them and watch their movies and dress up like them and I let them. As we watch The Little Mermaid, for example, I will say, "Ariel is being so naughty and disobeying her father." or other things like that to try and let them know I disagree with what they're doing. I know families who won't allow any of it in their home but it's hard to do that. What can I say? Girls love the Disney princesses.

I kind of feel the same why about the Twilight series if my (future) teenage daughters read it.

I'm curious what you will do now that you've got a kid on the way. What if it's a girl? Even though I think you're having a boy. Will you let her watch this princess stuff?

mallory said...

I will totally let my kids watch the Disney stuff. How can you not? I just don't like Ariel. I will probably have to do what you do by making a lesson out of it. I wanted to be a Princess growing up, I think it is just what you do when you are younger. I feel the same about Bella from Twilight. She really bugs me. I watch the movies and I have read the books, so I guess I am not making a very strong stance on it. Anyway, I just thought this was a really interesting thing about the Princesses that we all grew up loving.

Sarah said...

No, it's totally true. They really aren't the best examples, but I think as long as you explain that stuff to your kids then it's cool. I don't even think that Josie realizes have the stuff that we understand as adults anyway.

Serena Cherry said...

Okay. This is probably going to be an annoying comment. I hope it isn't. But, I know there are a lot of princess hater's out there, and I agree that our daughters shouldn't think that you can not speak and just be pretty and you'll get your guy, but because I am in YW, I watched this talk:

and I thought, "this is why I like those princesses!!" No one ever points out the part about them overcoming huge obstacles to get their happily ever after's! I thought it was really refreshing and made me feel MUCH better about letting my daughters watch all the princess they can handle. Which isn't too much, they are only moderately pro-princess. Lane still likes to catch worms and smash bugs too much. It's all about balance, right?

Good thing the whole thing with the wearing only shells worked on Chris, right? Hahahahahaha

Mark, Stacy, & Jack said...

I've never really had anything against any of the princesses, but i thought that was really funny, cuz it's true.
It's interesting about the whole Twilight thing, I feel like I'm not a huge fan of Bella and her decisions, either. I really like reading the story and enjoyed the movies, but she does kinda bug. and that last book, with all that "vampire sex" was a little weird. I'm not sure I want my teenage girl to read that. But I guess that's a bridge we'll cross when it gets here.