Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 101

I was just tagged (is that what I call it?) from a good friend Natasha (doesn't she have the best name?) to write 10 things that make me happy. I then need to tag 10 bloggers to do the same. I could have just written them out, but I decided to add pictures. It actually turned into a big picture mess, so I hope you can follow along and feel what I am putting down.

These are not in order since the pictures are all just thrown on here... here goes.

1. traveling- I have not been traveling much of late, but I LOVE to travel. This is a picture of my brother and sister Nikki and Marcus and I in Greece.

2. my new bangs- that's right, I got bangs. I did it mostly because I needed a change and also because I work with scissors and the temptation got the better of me.

3. riding bikes- I took this while riding next to Lincoln! I wasn't too worried, we wear helmets!

4. a clean face- This picture is of Lincoln washing his face after he put my mascara on his facial hair as a joke. I don't really care about other people's clean faces, I just LOVE cleaning my face. I have not gone to be without washing my face since before the sixth grade. I just don't do it.

5. girlfriends and sisters- I just love my girlfriends and sisters. I don't get to hang out with many of them as much as I would like to anymore (tear) but I love having them in my life.
These are my longest running friends Sarah and Serena. Oh, how I love them.

These are my beautiful sister who have always kept me normal. I think EVERYONE needs sisters. (I also love my brothers Marcus and Jared, but they don't read my blog, so I don't need to gush about them.)

And, here are my Ohio girlfriends. There are a few that are missing who mean so much to me, but I didn't have a picture. I don't get to see them the way I would like to, but life moves on and it gets hard, but I still think the world of them.

6. the LDS Temple and my faith- I love and live my religion. I know it is true and it helps me with all that I do.

7. sewing, crocheting, knitting- I made this blanket for my grandma for Christmas and I just loved doing it. Lincoln bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas and I have had the best time learning new things and working hard on projects. I will have to post pictures and updates on a later post.
8. Lincoln- (see, I told you this wasn't in any order, or this would be #1) He makes me SO happy. I had to wait a really long time for him, and it was totally worth the wait. I love him.

9. Shade shirts- I love these shirts. I wear them almost everyday. I find them to be one of the biggest staples of my wardrobe. They keep me modest and complete.

10. fullness- I am so very happy when I have a full belly, a full tank of gas, a full fridge, a full heart, a full bank account (is that possible?). Fullness makes me happy.

So, here are the first few things that I thought of that make me happy. After looking them over I realize that I am missing so many things, but I could only do 10 and these are what came to mind. Here are the 10 bloggers I pick to make their own list (only if it makes you happy, no pressure.)


Sarah said...

Wow. You and Lincoln look super cool with those bike helmets on!

Love the bangs! Of course, I really just love that you mix it up all the time with your hair. I wish I could do that with my hair. You look good with so many different looks!

After living with you for so long, I have become one of those people who has to wash my face before bed too --- no matter what. And because of you, I can't handle people touching my face unless I know they just washed their hands. Mal --- what have you turned me into?! Ha!

The blanket you made for your grandma is BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING! I can't believe you did that! You are so talented, Mal! I can't wait to see all the other things you've been working on.

Nice list. It's nice to be one of the top 10 "things" that someone loves.

Serena Cherry said...

I have to agree with Sarah, it is nice to be in the top 10 things someone loves! I loved reading yours. I finally sat down and did it today, and it did make me happy! Reading this really makes me wish we could be neighbors and hang out all of the time! I would love to sew stuff. That blanket is so beautiful, I am really impressed. I learned how to knit last year and then I made a mistake on my scarf and haven't finished it. You've inspired me!
Love shades shirts also, btw!

I just can't stand it anymore, we really need to do a girls trip!

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

cute post. Love the bangs too. I have not yet seen them. I haven't seen you forever. What's up with that?

Natasha said...

I read this post when you first published it and thought I left a comment, but I guess not. I love your list of things that make you happy. Great new hairstyle too!