Monday, January 4, 2010

Ode to Sarah

We met because of a inside joke when I complimented your shoes.
We were both overly dramatic college girls.
We bonded over Felicity and other WB shows.
Neither of us knew how to drive.
I tried to keep you strong and you kept me strong.
I talked you into chopping all your hair off.
I went away one semester and you wrote me awesome letters.
We were once asked at the airport if weee...
I hated most of your boyfriends, but was really sad when you broke up with the ones that I was good friends with, because we both knew that I would never see them again.
We cried on each others shoulders, many times.
You burned my leg really bad with your poor aim.
We had a really hard summer one year and I thought it would be the end of us.
You didn't abandon me when you got married.
You supported me when I was going through my long single stage.
You told me to end things with someone when I wasn't strong enough to do it.
You had three beautiful girls.
You came to my wedding.
I love that when I am having a hard time, Lincoln tells me to call you.
You are my best friend.
Happy Birthday.


Sarah said...

Ah Mal, this is a sweet birthday present. I didn't expect to have a whole post dedicated to little ole' me. I laughed at a lot of the things you wrote --- being asked if we were lesbians at the airport --- hilarious! I forgot about burning your leg. Oh my gosh, that was horrible! I can't believe how badly I burned you and that it actually healed. If people only knew the story behind how it happened, they would laugh so hard. But, I don't think we can share that story publicly on a blog, can we? While, a lot of these memories made me laugh. You also brought tears to my eyes. Because the feeling is mutual. We've known each other for . . . what is it now? . . . 13 years? It's been wonderful. So many stories. So much to share. We still have so many more memories to make as we'll be friends FOREVER! Thank you for making me feel special and I love you tons! Best birthday present!

Margo said...

You two crack me up. You are so blessed to have such a strong bond. I love you both...

Candland Family said...

"Put your hand in my back pocket, light me up like a bottle rocket!" Do you know that song? Your main picture reminds me of that!

Anyway, Sarah is SO amazing! So glad you guys stayed I really want to know what the fight or summer was all about???? I also call Sarah when I have a bad day!

nikki said...

I loved this Mal. I love that you and Sarah are such good friends. I love Sarah. Happy Birthday!