Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stiff Upper Lip

I am about to get very real. Let's put everything out on the table and discuss something that every women needs to think about. Let's talk about FACIAL HAIR.

"Hi, my name is Mallory and I get my lip waxed."

WOW, that felt so good to get out. Not that it was some huge secret, but I needed to share it in order for me to talk about it. I want you to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if you need your lip waxed too.

Pros of getting your lip waxed-

  • Skin appears smoother.
  • Lipstick looks better.
  • You don't have a mustache.
  • Makeup goes on better.

Cons of getting your lip waxed-
  • NOTHING!!!

I swear, it hurts for like a mili- second, and that's all. My husband loves that I get my lip waxed. In fact, I think he wishes I got it waxed more often. There are just way too many ladies walking around with she-stashes.

My hairy lip before-

My lip after-

Side note: The after picture doesn't do it justice and I am really regretting not fixing my lipstick before I took the picture. I SWEAR it makes a huge difference. Also, the before picture was taken forever ago. Before I actually got around to getting my lip waxed, I had a forest of blonde hair above my lip. It was horrible.

Getting your lip waxed is not expensive. It hurts less than getting your legs waxed and WAY less than getting your bikini waxed. HELLO! The point is, it just needs to be done if you have hair there.

Ok, thank you for letting me share. I am now stepping off of the soap box.


Stephanie said...

I have a question though - I have seen a lot of girls get their lip waxed right before going to the beach and then they get a weird sunburn or tan on their mustache and it looks more embarrassing than if they had just left it alone... is careful sunblock application the best medicine to combat this?

And also, you know me Mal - do I need to get my lip waxed?? I've never thought about it before!

The Loops said...

Uh oh. I am worried that this is me. I felt a little like blondes were exempt.

I have not found a good waxer since leaving ohio. I mean waxing may be scarier than getting your heor cut. At least if you think the person is a crazy you put your hair in a pony tail or something.

I have always wanted a bikini wax but I am too scared. I made an appointmene once, but cancelled. I don't want the doctor up in my lady business let alone some random shick with hot wax.

Hair Romance said...

A tough subject, but a necessary post ;) Even if it's blonde, it' not fooling anyone!

Sarah said...

Agree with "Hair Romance", blondes need an upper lip wax just as much as everyone else. And "The Loops" don't be scared of getting a bikini wax. It hurts, but then it's all over. These people are professional. My girlfriend is a professional and I had her wax me while I was on my period! She had to ask me if I could hold my tampon string out of the way. Ha! Ha! Ha! How's that for good friends getting all up in your "lady business"?! Ha! Ha!

Natalia Lynn said...

haha I totally wax my upper lip too! Whatever man, it needs to be done! Way to keep it real!

Serena Cherry said...

Here, here for facial waxing!

Natasha and Jesse said...

I think I need to wax mine! But doesn't it grow back thicker than before or is that just a myth?