Friday, October 23, 2009

Denim by the numbers

Yesterday I had on of my AWESOME clients bring me a surprise. She works for Express Corporate and has the chance to shop their sample sales a few times a year. She has brought me stuff before from Bath and Body Works since they are owned by Express. The sample sale is for employees of the company only and they get a chance to rummage through a huge amount of stuff and purchase it for a crazy good deal. Well, when I went to get her for her service, she handed me a bag with TWO pairs of new jeans! I was shocked! She knew my size from conversations we have had in the past (apparently we talk about everything) and she was kind enough to think of me while at this sale and grab me two awesome pairs of jeans. When she handed them to me I was so touched and happy to get them. Who doesn't want free jeans?! But I found myself saying, "oh, my gosh, I really needed some new jeans." Here's the thing, I DON'T need any new jeans. I came home all excited to show Lincoln my new pair of jeans, only to realize, that I own WAY too much denim. The real issue is that I only really started wearing jeans on a regular basis like three years ago, but for some crazy reason I own a stock pile of jeans. I can't wear jeans to work and I have always found slacks or skirts to be more comfortable, but it never seemed to stop me from buying jeans. I do wear jeans in the winter, so I am thinking that is my reason for the collection.... maybe. I don't want to sound ungrateful for what my client did for me. I am so excited to have two new pairs of jeans, that fit great I might add. However, I feel so glutenous with all the jeans I own. I have to admit that a few pairs I don't wear on a regular basis they are just there for when I might paint a room or work in the yard (I always say this before trying to throw them away, but I have never worn them to do either things) and I have a pair from college with a huge hole in the crotch that makes them unwearable, but I can't seem to throw them out. So, that makes about 3 pairs that I might not need, but what am I doing with the rest? I need you all to count your denim and help me see if this is a personal problem, or if it is just the way things go with denim. Here are my numbers

jean skirts- 3 don't worry they are cute
jean jacket-2
jeans- 18
jean jumpers- 0 thank goodness, right?!
(gulp) is that allot? I have always known that I have a large wardrobe, but if anyone knows me well, you know that I wear almost all my stuff. And if I don't wear it, I get rid of it... except for maybe my jeans.


Sarah said...

What the crap?! Are you kidding me?! 18 pairs of jeans? Do you know how many different pairs of jeans I've worn since having Clementine? One. That's right. I wear the same pair of jeans every day because they're the only ones that fit me right now. Of course, if I lost some weight, then the amount of jeans I could wear is 4. Yep, that's it. I own 2 maternity jeans that I wear through my entire pregnancy. I would own more if I could, meaning money wise.

I think what it is is that you've always been more or less the same size. So, for you to have 18 jeans, is more like you've had the same pairs forever. I mean, how many out of the 18 actually get worn? I think it's time to get ride of the ones with the hole in the crotch. And maybe only keep one pair that you say you would do "yard work" in.

You do have an amazing wardrobe and you do always wear everything in your wardrobe. Again, I can only rotate through about 3-4 shirts right now due to my size, otherwise, I'd have a bigger wardrobe. Consider yourself blessed and lucky for having such a great body that has stayed the same over all these years. And you do have AMAZING style!

Remember that one year we came back from a summer away in college and we both had ordered the same necklace and shirt from Delias? Great minds think alike? Wait . . . great minds have great style? I don't know what I'm trying to say. You do have a lot of jeans, but here in LA that's normal. You should move here for that reason alone. Oh, and for me too!

Serena Cherry said...

18 PAIRS???? Oh my gosh! Seriously, you can send them in a package right now and I will pay shipping for them...that's what you can do with them! I can't believe you have 18 pairs of jeans and NO jumpers? Where are your priorities? Ha, ha. I love you, Mal!

Christy said...

I probably have 12 pairs. I could easily have 18 if I wasn't such a rigorous closet-cleaner outer.