Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Urban Cowgirl

This is the "sew something you can wear" portion of my SYTYCS challenge. Let me tell you, this was a challenge. I thought I would be all cool and show how even adults can wear ruffles. Well, I am not so sure anymore. I basically sewed this skirt with my seem ripper in my lap!! I know that basically goes against the idea of entering a challenge with a title asking me if I can sew, but whatever. I had a great time and I am SHOCKED that I even made it this far. I named this skirt after the fabric line from Moda that I used for the top and bottom ruffles. They are from the "Urban Cowgirl" line. Don't you just love this fabric? I do. If you also love the skirt, be a doll and vote for me here. Thanks for all your support it has been so much fun!

1 comment:

Briana Richardson said...

Really cute! I love the ruffles and colors!