Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy New Years's!

Yes, it is January and I am writing about New Year's. I just have been so crazy that I am totally not caught up and I wanted to try and fill in the gaps. This post is picture heavy, so hang in there. My cousin, Stephanie, got married on New Year's Eve and it was awesome. She and my aunt threw the party of the year. Her colors were "sparkle" and everyone was dress in sparkles and sequence. Isn't that the best idea ever? Lincoln and I had a ball dancing the night away. Dancing and eating and laughing with family and loved ones is the best want to end the year and start the next one off right!

Most of the family before the reception.
My aunt and uncle with four of their five girls.
Katelynn showing her love for 2012
My brother and his girlfriend, Jessie.

Don't mind the sweat, this was after lots of dancing.
There was a cookie and milk bar at midnight.
Meryn and Brittany
My sister and her husband, Nikki and Cameron.
My mom and Margo
Meryn and Dylann
P.S. I made my skirt for the occasion. I just couldn't find a party skirt that wasn't super short or old lady looking.
Me and my mom


Mark, Stacy, & Jack said...

Oh my heck, that looks like such a blast!!! I love your hair that blonde it looks great. Miss you all

Taryn said...

Looks so fun! And you looked amazing as always!!!

Margo said...

Love the pictures.

Sarah said...

Mal, you look so glamourous! The hair, the outift . . . you look beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Not to mention Mallory was the MVP of the entire day - doing my hair four different times and helping me look so glamorous Kim Kardashian would be jealous!

(I have no idea why I just reference Kim K. But I loved my wedding too and was so glad everyone had fun! My mission was accomplished!)