Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ah, New York. It is such a wonderful exciting city. Lincoln and I took a trip up there to visit my sister Nikki, her husband Cameron, and their amazingly adorable son, John. It was Lincoln's LAST spring break so we knew we had to do it in style. Here are our (out of order) pictures from our trip.

This picture is dedicated to my friend Kate who loves taking pictures of random signs. This is in SOHO (is that how you write it?) where we did some great shopping. I am now in love with a store that you can only find there in the US. It is called UNIQLO. My friend Jon gave us a heads up about it, and Nikki confirmed that it was awesome. We were not let down.

The entire gang at a museum called Cloisters. It is beautiful. It is right off the Hudson River, it is really pretty but we didn't witness any miracles on the Hudson that day.

Lincoln in the M&M store getting "scanned" to see what M&M color he is. For the record, he is silver. I don't know what that means, but it was fun. I really wanted some cinnamon bears so we went into all the candy stores in Time Square. Unfortunately, we didn't want to spend $10 on a small bag that wouldn't curb my craving. So we went to the ever dependable Duane Reed and purchased a box of Hot Tamales. It did the trick.

These are a few pictures of our many adventures on the subway. It is a must when going to NYC. Luckily, Lincoln is a great navigator and we only had to stop one time to look at the map. I had total faith that he wouldn't get us lost. We also saw a little critter on the tracks one day. Lincoln had to take a picture, and if any of you know me at all you can only imagine how freaked out I was. I had to really concentrate on my breathing so I wouldn't pass out. I HATE RODENTS!!!

Beautiful Central Park. We spent tons of time in Central Park. It is so close to Nikki and Cameron and you can't help but want to spend time there.

We had a great time. We are so happy to have such wonderful family who will let us stay with them and show us around their city.


Sarah said...

Well, all the pictures of you and Lincoln are adorable. Cute couple! And, Mal, I might add, you're very stylish. I always find myself looking to see what you're wearing (nothing against you, Lincoln).

When you wrote your friend "John", did you mean "Jon"? Our Jon? If you did, I can't believe you spelled his name wrong! And, I can't believe you didn't get any pictures with him! I wanted to see one of all of you guys together!

Looks like you had a nice trip. I'd love to get more details over the phone next time we talk!

Serena Cherry said...

Great pictures! I am glad you had decent weather! New York is so fun. Lane's favorite thing of our whole trip in December was the M&M store. Pretty funny...not to mention the most expensive m&m's we've ever bought!

Serena Cherry said...

I agree with Sarah, you are always so stylish!! I love it! You are a fashion inspiration; and a beautiful person!

Kate said...

Hooray for signs! That was a fantastic one. Good work. Did you give him any money? It looks like a great trip. I'm glad you could celebrate Lincoln's last spring break in style!

amyseely2003 said...

Sounds like a great trip! They used to have UNIQLO in Japan. I loved that place!