Friday, April 10, 2009

My childhood flashed before my eyes

I can't wait!

(It is in wide screen on YouTube so a small portion of it is cut off on the right.)


Sarah said...

This is weird. I saw the title of your post and then I saw "I can't wait!" and then I saw a blank you tube "picture" waiting for me to press play . . . and I thought to myself, it's the "Where the Wild Things Are" trailer. Isn't that weird? That for some reason I guessed what it was before I saw it. Maybe it's because we've watched this trailer at our house about 20 billion times already because Josie loves the book and I think she thinks the trailer is the movie, so we watch it over and over and over and over and over and over. I think it looks pretty cool too and I'm excited to see it in the movie theatre!

Serena Cherry said...

Lane has also seen this trailer thousands of times! We are pretty excited about going to see it. This is one of the greatest books ever. I love the website you suggested on your other post! I had never heard of it and I was LOVING it! Thank you! Now that I don't work there anymore, Anthro is a far off dream now...ha! And you are the hippest lady in town! Always!