Thursday, April 16, 2009

Penzone Party

Thanks to my husband for being such a trooper and coming to my work party.  Thanks to my mom for taking our pictures afterwards making me feel like we were going to prom.  Not to mention helping me find the only dress in Columbus that was modest yet didn't look like I was a mother of the bride.  Thanks to Charles Penzone for being in business for 40 years so we could have a fun time.  Wow, I sure do feel old when I go to work parties.  


Sarah said...

I hope you guys did some stereotypical prom poses. Those would have been funny.

You two look so nice and dapper! The top part of your dress looks good. I'm so curious to see what the rest of it looks like to get the complete look, with the shoes! I must see the entire outfit! Hope you guys had a fun time at the work party!

Candland Family said...

Your dress looks so cute from what I can see of it!