Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sum sum summertime

I know, I get it, I am a slacker. I am still working on this blog thing. (Even after over a year of having it.) Here is a little rundown on Lincoln and my summer...

We basically had a summer dedicated to studying for the Bar, the dreaded Bar. This is only a few of Lincoln's MANY note cards he had to go through over and over. We tried hard to have a little fun in between the studying.
We had a great weekend in Michigan with the family.
We loved our bonfires at the cottage.
Lincoln and Jarren took the kids around the lake.
We were speedsters in our go-carts.

We love our little river by our house. Every time we drive over the river I have to comment on how it looks.

We enjoyed Jenny's ice cream, maybe a little too much since it they put one within walking distance of our house. The way I see it is if we walk there the calories work their way out of our system.

We enjoyed movies in the park....
and some wonderful games of whiffle ball with our friends.

All in all it was a pretty good time. Even with the major studying. I feel like our summer really began on August 1 once the test was over. I will blog about that soon... I promise. Now that I am mostly caught up I can start fresh and promise to be a more consistent blogger. I hope you all had a happy summer too.


Serena Cherry said...

It looks like you guys had fun in Michigan! I hate big tests!! Chris just took the patent bar and I was so lonely for him being around for 3 months!! Thank goodness it is over. You look really good in that picture eating ice cream!

Sarah said...

You make me wish I spent my summer with you guys. I love your place in Michigan! I just think it's so special that you're creating so many family memories there and someday your children will create their own memories there too. I am so happy I've actually been able to go there myself and experience it. Maybe one day I'll get Dan and the girls down there too! Wow. Why do I sound so sentimental? Anyway, glad Lincoln is done with studying for the bar and taking it! Yippie!