Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PT Loser

I have always wanted a PT Cruiser. I never drove in one, I just liked they way it looked. I am not one of those car people who care about the horsepower or the tork(?) I just care about the color the shape and the stereo. I was in the market for a new car about two years ago and I was seriously wanting to look at a PT Cruiser. I was dating Lincoln at the time and he was adamant that I NOT get one. He hated the everything about them. We had sort of talked about marriage and stuff at this point, but we didn't really have the "talk" yet. It didn't really matter what he thought, but it sort of did. He started calling them "PT Losers" this basically ruined it for me. I ended up getting a totally awesome car that I am now in love with. I love the shape, the color, and the stereo. It is a Mitsubishi Outlander and it is perfect for me, even if it took me a few months to properly pronounce Mitsubishi.

Well, a few weeks ago I was being my safe driver self and I sort of got into a little fender bender. I don't want to get into any details because they are boring and I don't want to tarnish my name as a safe driver. Did I mention that I have NEVER gotten a speeding ticket? Well, Lincoln has been a total dream about everything. He has been just great. He has done everything with the insurance and since he works down at traffic court he is working on things so I might not have to go to court. It has been so great to have him be so calm and helpful. He even took care of taking the car into the shop and picking up the rental. He decided to just put it in his name since he was going to be picking it up and I would just drive his car. He is such a helper. Well, I am sure by now you can guess what the rental car was that we ended up getting... that's right, a PT Cruiser! My poor husband who has been doing so much ends up with his nightmare car. It was so funny when he came home to tell me. I was jumping up and down with joy and he was not happy at all. The poor guy has to deal with a wife who got into a stupid accident, take care of all the paperwork, and then drive a car he hates. I really owe him big for this.

Oh, and just for the record, after riding around in the PT I have decided that I made the right decision by not getting it. Thanks again Lincoln!


cec said...

LOL! What a great story! Make sure that gets in your journal!

The Mathews Family said...

This made me laugh! I love that you called your husband a great helper! Sounds like really is a good sport. I'm glad you're happy with the color/stereo choice that you made. :o) Cute boots, too!!!!

Serena Cherry said...

First of all, you look really cute in that picture! Secondly, I have to admit, I am with Lincoln on this! Well, now you do, too I guess, but I am glad you didn't get the "loser"...ha! I am glad that you have never gotten a ticket. I am very impressed!

Nanette Purdy said...

Serena don't you remember that she didn't get her licence until she was 21?? All the years of certain accidents and tickets were long past by the time she gathered the courage for a licence. But even at that late date, she has always been a great driver. This was a really cute blog Mal. Lincoln is your calm in your storm - you are so blessed to have him!!

Sarah said...

I agree with Serena! You look super cute in your outfit. Nice boots! And even though you loved the PT "loser", I never really saw it as a "Mallory" car that seemed to fit your personality, so I thank Lincoln for convincing you not to get it. I was so curious if you were going to like the car or not, so I thought it was good you felt good that you never ended up getting it. And your husband sounds like a dream! I'm the one in our marriage who usually has to take care of all that "crap" that he had to do. Anyway, sorry about your accident, but I'm glad you're okay!