Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Camping and Labor Day Weekend... we love being outside

I am still trying to catch up on my summer updates. I decided to throw a bunch of pictures on here at once. I think I have been writing too much lately and I wanted to just have a post filled with summer pictures. So, here you go.

This is up at the cottage in Pentwater MI. We have the best time up there ever. I love how beautiful it is up there. You can't be up there without seeing some of the most amazing sunsets and natural scenes. I love it.
I have this new habit of trying to take Lincoln and my picture while doing things like canoeing or riding our bikes. I am getting pretty good at it.
We had a great canoe ride all around Pentwater.

My family wanted to go on a little family camping trip. We had a great time and loved using all of our camping gear we got from our wedding. Thanks for the tent, Christy and Reza!
These two girls are so cute. They had the best time playing with the rocks and leaves.
The triplets were way too busy to pose for the camera. They were playing all these great imaginary games. It made me want to stop talking with the adult and join them in their games.

We are for sure the cool aunt and uncle who help the kids climb really big rocks and do things their mom freaks out about. I know I am in for it when we start having kids and my sister gets me back for all the things I do with her kids that she doesn't like. For example, climbing big rocks and convincing them it's time to pierce their ears.
This has been a great summer. I have loved all the canoeing and camping and hiking. It sure beats all the indoor stuff we will have to do once the Ohio winter hits.


The Mathews Family said...

Hi Mallory! Looks like you've had a busy summer, too. I love seeing your pictures. I can imagine your laugh in so many of your pictures. :o) I'm just getting caught up on all of our summer pictures, as well. At least it isn't Christmas yet! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Our blog address is www.mathewsfamilytree.blogspot.com

Serena Cherry said...

I love it! We love camping but haven't gone in way too long...I think it is partially due to babies. It is much better when they grow up a bit. And Lane really does want her ears pierced...I can't really think of a reason why not, but she is still a little scared of the "shots" so I guess I don't have to decide any time soon. I remember my mom making us wait until we were 8 or something, but why? I have no idea.

Sarah said...

Well, I had to wait until I was 13 to get my ears pierced and even then my skin was sensitive, there was a lot of blood and puss coming from the holes. I had to constantly clean them with rubbing alcohol. Wow. Random story from Sarah.

Camping looks fun with you guys. Dan took Josie awhile back and she loved it! I bet she would love hanging out with your nieces and nephews.