Thursday, November 17, 2011

Activity Day

My adorable niece asked me to come teach the girls all about hair for her activity days. I would do just about anything for that girl, so I gladly said yes. Activity Days is something they do at my Church were the little girls ages 8-10 (I think that's the ages) go and learn about different topics and work and crafts and just have a fun time. I wasn't sure what I would need to talk to these girls about, but they all seemed so excited to talk about hair that it really didn't matter what I said.
We talked about how often they should wash their hair, when and how to condition it, who should cut their hair (meaning, they should not cut their own hair), and how to pull their hair back in a ponytail, half ponytail, twist, and braid.
I had so much fun. I went to the dollar store and bought them each a brush and hair twisties. I tried teaching them how to braid with three pieces of yarn.
Some of the girls were experts, but some had no idea how to braid. It was so much fun to get them to figure it out. I was hoping they would just use the yarn to practice on, but some of the girls had other fun ideas with their finished braid. (This is my adorable niece, Sydney.)
After I was done, my sister helped all the girls make a silk flower to wear on a hair clip. Almost all of the girls wore the hair clip to church on sunday.
I have never been around so much giggling in all my life. We really tried to let the girls know that it doesn't really matter how you wear your hair, just as long as you keep it clean and healthy. These girls are adorable. I am so happy my niece asked me to do this for her. I love sharing what I know and seeing the delight in someone's eyes when they learn something new.


Margo said...

My girls are loving the brushes. You are the bestest Aunt. Love you.

C'est La Vie said...

awww i haven't been over here in awhile and i just randomly see my little sister!!! i bet they loved you in there!!

_Sara Po'oi

Sarah said...

What a fantastic idea for Activity Days! I would even have you come teach something like this to my YW. So, yeah . . . why don't you just fly out? No big deal. We could use some help for this Wednesday night. Ha!