Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for getting away

I know I have not blogged all week, but I have been busy with a very sick baby and a crazy work schedule. Not to mention, I have been busy getting ready for our trip to HAWAII on friday!! I am SOO excited to go. I finished my long 11 hour work day today and I drove away feeling all giddy knowing I don't go back until December 7!!! I am thrilled to have this time to spend with my boys. We are going with Lincoln's family and I just can't wait!!

If I was a really dedicated/crazy blogger, I would have set up a bunch of guest bloggers to fill in while I am away. Well, I didn't, I just don't want to worry that much about this little hobby of mine. So, I will see you on the flip side. I will be sure to have many great pictures and stories to share (a one year old on a 13 hour plane ride!!) and I have some makeup tutorials and posts for you once I get back. Love to all and Happy Thanksgiving.


Sarah said...

Have a WONDERFUL time in Hawaii! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Amberlee said...

Ahh I LOVE that you are getting away-- and what an amazing place to do it!
I can't wait to hear(read) all about it!

AngryBaker said...

Most awesome Thanksgiving. Ever! Have so much fun.