Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just ROLL with it

I had the great opportunity to be a guest blogger on one of my good friends blogs while she was out of town. I know what you are thinking, why would she ask me? I am not the most consistent blogger these days. But, for whatever reason, she asked me and I was happy to do it. I did a silly little video about hot rollers and I thought it was time I shared the post with you. Please check out her blog when you get a chance, she is awesome and she does some creative outfits. You might remember her from this post too.


Well, hello Mommy Crafters. I am Mallory from splitendsandnewbeginnings and Ashley asked me to guest post for her today. Ashley is sort of my blog mentor if you will. She is super encouraging when it comes to making my blog a better place for all things hair and beauty, but I just don't seem to have the blog skills that she possesses. With her guidance, I am sure I can find my inner blogger. I am just so happy that she asked me to guest post so I can work on said blogging skills.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been doing hair now for over 10 years and I LOVE it. I think your hair is your BEST accessory. I say "accessory" and not a "feature" because you can change it and adjust it to your mood and to whatever look you want to show for that day. You can do so much with it and it can do so much for you. I feel my best when my hair has fresh color and cut. After having so many of my clients ask me how to do their hair in different and fun ways I decided to challenge myself by styling my hair different for 30 days. I got the idea from my good blog friend over at Hair Romance. It was such a fun challenge and it really helped to inspire both myself and many of my clientele. After finishing the challenge I decided to try and keep my blog going with the occasional hair and beauty tips and ideas. I think it is very important to look and feel your very best. Even in a pair of sweats and no makeup, we can still learn to appreciate the beauty that we possess inside (I sound like a Whitney Houston song.) Anyways, I am getting a little off track. I just want to share the love of all things girlie.

I have a few video tutorials on my blog and I made one special for all of you who follow Ashley. I have to warn you, I am a little embarrassing. When you watch yourself doing your hair or looking at yourself in the mirror, it is totally awkward. I drop things, I repeat myself, my throat gets totally dry and I get a really itchy nose once the camera starts recording. At least I remembered to put the toilet seat down this time and I was able to edit out the two phone calls that I received. Oh, the joys of blogging! Enjoy!

If you have any questions, let me know on my blog, and I will get back to you.

Have a happy hair day!


Margo said...

Mallory, Katelyn and I just watched this...your biggest fans. She is cheering for more videos. I can't wait to try this. I can't round brush. Your video made me giggle. Love all the words. I love you.

Sarah said...

I happened upon your blog quite by accident and I have to tell you that I loved your video. I wouldn't have even chuckled at your lips except you pointed it out. The scrolling sentence is what made me really chuckle. Thanks for the hot roller tips!

The Loops said...

Oh I love your hair!

Eliza said...

Hey, I am your sister Nikki's sister in law -- I just found your blog through Nikki and I love it! These tutorials are great! Thanks for doing them. I have just watched three in a row!