Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Clark!

Clark is one. I can't believe it. Time has literally flown by. Ok, I hate when people say "literally" when it isn't necessary, but it gave the statement meaning. Anyways, I just can't believe it. I love this little boy so much. Lincoln and I can hardly remember life without our little guy. Today I was day dreaming about not having him in my life and I almost started to cry. I grabbed him and gave him the tightest hug possible. This is a very difficult task since he is so not cuddly you have to practically hold him to your chest and pin his arms to his sides so he doesn't push you away. I just held him there for a few minutes thinking about how lucky and happy I am. I know SO many people who are struggling with trying to have kids. I recognize how fortunate Lincoln and I both are to have Clark. I don't take any of it for granted and I try to love every minute.

We celebrated his birthday with my family on Sunday and had some cake and ice cream with singing and gifts.
Clark was so unaware of what was going on but he seemed really happy. I wanted it to be all cute and decorated for his big day like all the pictures you see on other people's blogs, but give me a break, who is that really for when the baby is only turning one? I know he wouldn't care about or even notice the decorations. So, instead of freaking out and spending hours on making little banners and signs, I made a cake.
This is the first cake with frosting I have made from scratch, and I am SHOCKED at how much butter goes into making a cake. I am pretty sure it ruined cake eating for awhile. Ok, enough about me, here is a little update on what my dear boy is up to.
Clark is a very active boy. He loves the stairs so much that we had to finally give in and put a gate at the bottom of it, not before he fell down a few steps and "literally" got the snot scared out of him. (I didn't use that word out of context, he really did have snot all over him after the fall.) Clark refuses to walk and just wants to crawl, really fast, all over the place. He sometimes likes to tease his father and I and stand for a few seconds on his own before he sits down just to show us he knows how, but doesn't want to do it yet. I truly think Clark will eat just about anything. He makes a really funny face when he tries things for the first time, but still goes ahead and eats it. He LOVES suckers and will eat one through the wrapper if he has to.
He also loves cheese and cold cuts and will eat both so fast that I sometimes question if he even tastes it when he puts it in his mouth. Clark has a little giraffe blanket thing that he adores. He sucks and chews on all the corners of the little blanket even the head of the giraffe that is at one of the corners. I am pretty sure we need to find another of these blankets for backup in case the original is lost or dirty. Clark loves all electronic things, especially cords. He has also taken a liking to one of the drumsticks for our Rock Band and carries it around with him. I don't think this means he will be musical in his future, I think it just means he likes sticks. Clark is still a big fan of nursing and doesn't seem to have any interest in weening anytime soon, which is fine with me. Clark has been a HORRIBLE sleeper waking up about every two to three hours every night of his entire life! This has been very difficult for me and right when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, he has been sleeping ok for the last week. Let's hope I didn't jinx it.
Clark loves kids and babies waves with excitement when he sees them. Clark is a very cool boy, he is laid back and just goes with the flow. I really don't think he has given us any trouble besides the nighttime sleeping. I never imagined I would have so much fun with a baby. Lincoln loves that he can play with Clark and throw him around. Every time Lincoln comes home from work, Clark is so excited to see him.
Lincoln and I find so much fulfillment with our little buddy. We laugh all the time when we see his funny expressions. It is so amazing what a difference a year can make. We love our little Clark so much. Happy Birthday, Buster.


Christy said...

He is adorable! Hal got the same truck for his first birthday. Also Hal still nurses every morning and I love it. And he woke up two to three times a night until 16 months then I busted out the frenetic method on him and in one night he was sleeping 12 hours and has ever since. It's easier to do the frenetic when you are ready though. I was so ready. I wish we lived close. Boo.

Christy said...

Like how i made my comment all about me?

Christy said...

Also I am loving your hair.

Serena Cherry said...

I love that you wrote about holding him while you think about life without him. Isn't that one of the worst thoughts? So funny, because sometimes I am so worn out and so tired and frayed to the end, and then I have that thought and it changes everything. Anyway, that just made me happy to have that thought in my head. What a beautiful mommy and Clark is a darling little guy! Great job on the cake!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to Clark! Your beautiful. He's beautiful. Lincoln's beautiful. You're one big beautiful family! Wish I had been there to celebrate with you guys!