Friday, November 11, 2011

You were a little late

If Clark was born on his actual due date, he would be turning one on 11/11/11. That would have been so cool. Alas, he was five days late and missed out.
I was not a very happy camper this time last year. I was beyond ready to have this baby. Today, however, I am overjoyed at how fortunate I feel for having my baby at all. Even if he did make me wait the extra five days... I was two weeks late for my mom.

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Serena Cherry said...

Happy due date to you! :) Imagine my irritation when I was induced with Henry on 9/9/09 early in the am, but Henry decided to wait until 7:30am on 9/10/09. Sigh. I am always late with my babies, it is torture!