Monday, August 1, 2011

Bald is Beautiful

No, I am not talking about bald men, I am talking about bald women. I know, you were all thinking I was going to post about how men should just stop trying to fool themselves when they are thinning and shave their heads. However, the real issue is how so many women look totally gorgeous with a shaved head. Are you not convinced? Let me give you a few examples.

Isn't Sinead O'Connor gorgeous?! I have her greatest hits album and it is fantastic. "Nothing compares 2 U!" Ok, I get it, she got a little intense at times, but the girl can sing. And, look at her with no hair, HELLO.

Here is another example for all of you who are under the age of 30 and don't remember Sinead.
Natalie Portman is basically flawless, so when she shaved her head for her movie she totally rocked it.

Clearly both of these women have very strong bone structure and their eyes are HUGE allowing them to really pull off the shaved head look. I also think the darker features really help with the style. Let's not forget to point out how nice their ears lay down too. They both have grown their hair out and look totally different. Even though Sinead said she wouldn't do it, she did. Do you dare see what she looks like with hair? I don't think I would have liked the songs as much if they were sung by a lady with hair, ok, I probably would.

My question is, are these women brave or just really smart. Their careers really took a boost when they shaved their heads. Hair will always grow back, so maybe they just saw it as a way to get some notoriety. We all know a certain singer who shaved her head back in the day and got LOTS of attention for it. I really wish she would have just rocked her shaved head and not worn those awful extensions.

Anyways, would you ever do? Have you ever wanted to throw caution to the wind and just be bald and beautiful? Would you do it if you knew it could boost your career?

Natalie Portman picture taken from here.
Sinead O'Connor picture taken from here.


Sarah said...

I've certainly thought about it, but I would never do it. Please! You're talking to a girl who doesn't even color her hair. Ha! Ha!

Angry Baker did it and it looked awesome.

AngryBaker said...

I think everyone should shave their head at least once. It's so liberating. Women are so tied up in their hair, whether or not they admit it. It's nice to be without it for a while. And bonus, no maintenance! I was nervous. I've done a lot of crazy stuff, but I was worried my actual bald head would be weird looking or misshapen.

Again, my advice is always "do it!" It's just hair. It grows back.