Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ginger Love- Sarah

I have and always will be totally envious of anyone with red hair. REAL red hair. I have died my hair red many times, and take it from me, it just isn't the same. Let me explain- The red color molecule is the smallest color molecule. When you color your hair, it goes into the hair shaft all nice and comfy, but is so small that the first time you wash your hair, it just can't hold itself into the shaft for very long and your red gorgeous hair fades so very fast. It just isn't fair!

I know many red heads and I have always secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) been totally jealous of their hair color. (I know, I shouldn't covet.) However, for some reason, red hair has so many myths and stigmas about it. This book is fascinating if you want to know more about redheads. Like, did you know that red hair actually stems from a genetic mutation?!

Ok, I digress, I want to introduce you to three of my favorite Ginger beauties. I asked them to answer a few questions and send some pictures to help us better understand the power of red hair. I am sure that once you read the very creative and funny answers and look at the gorgeous pictures, you too will have red hair envy.
1. Have you always and forever loved your red hair, or have you ever wanted to or tried to die it?
I consider my hair to be strawberry-blond, not red. And strawberry-blond hair, in my opinion, is even more coveted than red hair. So, at the risk of sounding SUPER vain, yes, I have always loved my hair color. I even wrote a journal entry about my hair in high school and how it was one of my best traits. And by the way, hair isn't even a trait, it's a feature, but I was in high school and obviously not very bright.

The only times I died it were my junior/senior year of high school. And it was stupid. I used a box from the grocery store and it only made my hair orange/red. I was never brave enough to try and dye it black or brown, at least not from a box. I was always told that I would NEVER get my natural strawberry-blond hair color back and I didn't want to risk it. Having said that, I do sometimes envy girls, like yourself Mallory, that can pretty much rock any hair-style and color and pull it off. I just don't think it's my asethitic to have any other hair color. Sometimes I do get bored with it, but in the end, I just don't think I would ever do anything crazy to it in fear of never getting my natural hair color back.
2. If you have died it, what was the reactions of others?
See question #1, never really died it. If I did dye it, I think my Dad would die! He loves my hair! Sounds funny, but it's true.
3. Do you secretly hate it when you see people (ie, me) try to copy your God given color by dying their hair?
I don't secretly hate it when people try to copy my hair color. I am actually flattered.
4. Were you or are you now teased for your hair color?
I was never teased for my hair color. The only thing I can think of involving hair and teasing is Anne of Green Gables. Love that movie! I was teased for other things, but never my hair. Perhaps I wouldn't feel so confidant about my hair color had I grown up being teased about it.
5. Do you think it is true what they say about red heads have a lower pain tolerance?
I was told red-heads feel pain more than any other color of hair, but not all have the same pain tolerance. And I believe that I have a high-tolerance of pain. So, I guess I don't think it's true. Maybe I like to think I'm tougher than I really am.
6. Do you think that it is actually the Gingers, and not the Blondes that have more fun?
To me, that's based on personality, not hair color.
7. Would you guess that it is harder to be a redheaded boy or redheaded girl, or does it matter?
Of course it matters! I can probably name on two hands the amount of good-looking/hot red-headed men that exist in our world. So, I think it's way harder to be a red-headed boy than girl, as far as looks go. I think red-headed boys have more of an awkward stereotype than red-headed girls.


Sarah said...

Wow. I feel awkward. Funny, huh? Since you know I actually LOVE the spotlight on me!

I have never heard of that book, but now I'm dying to get my hands on it and read it! How fascinating! A genetic mutation?! Crazy!

AngryBaker said...

I just have to say that it is so weird that people have told you that you would never get your hair color back if you dyed it. That sounds like crack science to me. I've never heard that before and it sounds like such a parent scare tactic. Not that I think you should dye your hair, but I'm pretty sure my hair has always come back brown.

Which is too bad, because I'm really hoping to get strawberry blond so I can be perfect.

jenhatch said...

Hey Mallory! I just hoped over to your blog from facebook... scrolled down and saw this post and LAUGHED. Sarah's hair is gorgeous. And as a REDhead myself, I was teased about it... scared to ever die it for fear it wouldn't come back... love that people try and try to dye their hair red but it just doesn't work... and feel as a coveted redhead I should be rockin a better style on a daily basis then my normal "Mom ponytail loop" thingy. Oh well... and I love that they say we have a lower pain tolerance...(makes me feel even MORE justified in my epidurals). And I've only highlighted it - and same thing... I knew both my Mom AND my Dad would have killed me.

I've learned to love my hair...growing up I just wanted what everyone else had... although I had the "terrible" freckles AND redhair that I had to get use to and accept the fact that I was just going to be different...

But what's even funner is having 2 little redheaded girls... they are stared at everywhere we go! And I think their hair is just GORGEOUS!

I will say is that when I was pregnant with my son I prayed he wouldn't have red hair - since I agree with Sarah - it could go really good or really bad.... though my brother is a stud and he has strawberry blonde - and my nephew is redheaded and he is adorable! Biased? Maybe.

There's my 2 cents... I couldn't resist. And sweet book! I think I'll check it out! And fun blog! You're uber talented!!

Rachel said...

ha ha! great post! I can relate to most of what she said, as a redhead myself! ;) The only thing I remember being teased about (relating to my redheadedness) is my pale skin. That has always bugged me, but it's worth it because I love my hair color. So far out of 3 kids, none of them have it. I hope someday I'll get a redhead! Although, my youngest has blonde hair to die for!! that book sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out!