Sunday, August 14, 2011

She Bangs!

Bangs can be so scary for some people. The idea of growing them out is terrifying. I promise it isn't that big of a deal. You have to make small adjustments as they grow out, but I swear it will be more of an adventure rather then a painful process. I have been cutting my bangs and growing bangs out almost my entire life. It is just part of my hair cycle.

Let me take you on my little journey of what it was like growing my bangs out. I know this might seem a little narcissistic, but it is only meant to show you the little things you can do to make the growing out not so painful. Oh, and if I knew that I was going to do a post on my bangs, I would have taken better pictures of just my bangs, and not full body shots. Oh, well.

Let's begin. This first picture is of my bangs when I first got them cut. I wanted them across my forehead and textured. I think they ended up WAY too short for my face. I blame myself, since I was the one who cut them. You see, after doing hair for over ten years and even I have a hard time cutting my own bangs. DON'T DO IT, it can only lead to problems. Because you are cutting right in front of your eyes, your vision is blocked making it so difficult to see what you are doing. It is best to leave it to someone else to cut your bangs. Trust me!
February 17

This picture shows them starting to grow out. It didn't take too long and I was much happier to have the bangs at this length.
March 3

This is when I was still keeping my bangs at the length that I liked, but I was working on having the corners of the bangs grow out a bit to help frame my face. I know this picture is goofy, but I think you can sort of see the longer face framing strands a bit.
March 20
I wore them down until I start to show, then I starting to push them over to the side. I was so worried about my face getting fat during the pregnancy that I thought growing my bangs out would help.
June 1
Really growing to the side.- June 27
By this time, I was getting huge and ready to pop. I was that pregnant girl who wasn't ready for any changes to her hair, so I was sort of maintaining them around this length.
October 9
After Clark was born, I started to get serious about growing my bangs out again. I started to wear head bands and use bobby pins to hold it back. I swear, I had bobby pins in EVERY pocket.
February 19

I didn't decide to grow them out and just not cut them at all, I went gradual and I kept them trimmed so they wouldn't be damaged or get too heavy. Like I said before, growing them out is a process and it can be fun. You just have to be creative and work with them. Bobby pins will save your life! They are now grown out past my chin and I was just thinking the other day about maybe cutting them again!! I tell you, bangs can be so much fun, you just need to go for it and enjoy the ride.


Sarah said...

I really loved seeing all those pregnant pictures of you! You looked so beautiful! And my goodness, your belly was really popping in the picture with the yellow top on and grey cardigan. Love it!

Remember when I my sis-in-law cut bangs on my hair over a family trip? I freaked out and that they were horrifying. But then I went to a professional, she fixed them, and I decided I just need to own them and go with it! And while I did end up loving the look of them, I also hated having something on my forehead all the time. And yet, I still desire bangs. It's so silly! I want what I don't have, but when I have them, they drive me crazy.

I loved seeing the progression of your bangs. Very insightful!

Serena Cherry said...

I think you look really, really awesome in March 3. Seriously, so Angelina! You are the most darling pregnant lady on the planet!! Forget hair, you need to be a stylist! :) Well, the hair is probably cooler. Either way, I love it!!!!!!