Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smooth Operator

One way that I don't seem to wear my hair very often is smooth. I mean, who has the time in this heat to deal with smoothing out all the fly aways and crazy curl. It has been so humid that I find wearing it natural is so much easier. Luckily, the humidity seemed to take a little break the other day, so I jumped at the chance to smooth it out.

The key to wearing your hair smooth is to have silky and shiny hair. I already talked about my love for Moroccanoil and what it does for your hair, but let me introduce you to some other tips and products to get your hair nice and smooth.
1. It all begins in the drying of the hair. Don't blast the cuticle all over the place by drying your hair like a maniac, be really methodical about drying it in the direction of the hair shaft. This will dry the cuticle down and keep your fly aways at bay.

2. Before drying, use product that is meant to support a smooth style. I love Moroccanoil, but one of my other loves is a new product from Alterna called Brilliance Cream. This stuff is made to smooth your hair out. It tames frizz and strengthens your hair, while protecting your color. Bonus- it wont break the bank.

3. Dry your 100% don't leave any moisture in your hair to give it any excuse to frizz out with the first sign of humidity.

4. Once your hair is totally dry, spray your hair with a heat protector before you flat iron. My favorite is also from Alterna, but it is from their Caviar line. The Rapid Repair spray is a life savor, or should I say hair savor. It smooths your hair and protects it from the heat all while it add shine and vitamins to your hair. This is a little pricier than the Brilliance Cream, but it will last forever and you wont regret having it.

5. Section your hair off and start to flat iron. If you have a good flat iron this shouldn't be too difficult and the prep time you put in with the blow dryer should also help with this step.

When you are finished take a VERY SMALL amount of your Brilliance Cream and run it through your ends. You don't want anything too sticky since the point of this style is for your hair to feel and look like silk.

I know that wearing your hair smooth is close to impossible when it is humid out, and if you have natural curly hair, wearing it smooth takes forever. Just give it time and your hair will look awesome. And, it should last a few days if done right... just don't get caught in a rainstorm.

Have a happy hair day!


Alex said...

will you do a post about bangs. I really want bangs, but am too scared....

Cute hair and kid!

Sarah said...

I don't know what Alex is talking about . . . your hair isn't "cute" . . . it's SEXY! HOT! SLEEK! GORGEOUS! I love it! I added every single product you mentioned in this post to my Amazon cart. I have trouble when I straighten my hair making it look silky, particularly the ends. So I think the product will help.

Serena Cherry said...

I am going to put all of this stuff in my cart at amazon too. My hair product totally sucks right now and I know it. I have been spending too much on home improvements, and not enough on hair improvements. ;)

katielizabethawkes said...

love this! i always some kind of tresemme spray (comes in a black and red bottle...which is actually annoyingly top-heavy and always tips off my counter and breaks...hrmm) anyway it works well but perhaps you've inspired me to branch out!