Friday, August 5, 2011

Did someone say "haircut?"

I know teasing you like I did with the last post was just awful. I planned on posting pictures, but when I work two 11 hour days in a row, I just can't think about getting on the computer to post. So, here's the proof, I got a haircut. I didn't even really think about it, I just did it. Well, that's not true, my friend Jennifer did it. Even hairdresser don't cut their own hair- AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! I needed my gray covered in a big way. Yes, I said gray, there is no shame in having it, if you cover it up. Anyways, I just decided then and there that it was time to cut. When you have a understanding about your hair, you don't get all freaked out about changes like this. Your hair can make you feel amazing or awful. It is all up to how you deal with it.
The cut is just brushing my shoulders on the sides, but has a slight angle to the front. I have only had it for seriously like two days, so I am still in that stage where I use too much product and I keep brushing my hair thinking I have more hair on the ends.

The fun thing about this change is that so many people would tell me that their hair was too short to do anything with it. I am determined to prove you all wrong. I plan on showing you many different styles and ways to wear your medium length cuts.

I know change can be scary, but take it from me, it can also feel SO good!


Ashley J said...

Oh my heck! I love it!!! It looks so good on you! I love the change!!!

Alex said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Melody said...

I'm glad you're going to show shorter styles because I'm planning on getting my hair cut big time here soon! :)

Sarah said...

I already commented on facebook, but I have to comment again here on your blog. You do look gorgeous! And I really do love your haircut! Like a lot! It would be fun to see a collage of every hair style you've had since maybe college. There would be so many pictures!!! You've done everything under the sun except maybe shaved all your hair off. Would you ever do that?

Leslie Smith said...

I always end up chopping my hair whenever it gets long. It's fun to have the change. I look forward to seeing the things you can to with short hair. I thought the things you did with your long hair were awesome and want some ideas for mine.