Friday, August 19, 2011

Bangs, Color, Eyes

I think it is so important to have your cut and color bring out the best in your skin and features. When done right, your color and cut can make your eyes pop, your face seem longer, your skin glow, you hair shine... you get the idea.

Shane and Kara (two of my coworkers) are great examples of how bangs and color can bring out your eyes and skin.

Shane was blessed with RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous eyes, she makes them pop even more by coloring her hair this bright red with some copper, blonde and even some purple lowlights. Her heavy fringe draws your attention to her fantastic eye.

Kara is a great example of how you can be a bright blonde without making your skin all washed out. Her face framing fringe (say that three times fast) is light and pieced out enough to keep her face long and thin.

Shane's color done by Brindel at Charles Penzone Dublin
Kara's color done by Amanda at Charles Penzone Dublin


amyseely2003 said...

I want to add some subtle highlights, I'm thinking small sections on top in carmel...any thoughts?

Sarah said...

These ladies look gorgeous! Love their fringe and they have beautiful eyes! Love the color!

Oh . . . Amy wants to do something to her hair?! Awesome!