Monday, August 29, 2011

Going Short

Jamie and Joanne are mother and daughter clients of mine who where ready for a big change. They both have VERY fine hair with big cowlicks in the front. Jamie, the daughter, has more curl and body, but was ready for a big change. Joanne was sick of having to spend all morning trying to give a style to her limp hair. She wanted something fun and easy to work with. They have plans to attend a big wedding next weekend and wanted to show off their drastic change to their friends and family. Let's just say, having clients like them totally make my day.

Jamie before- She wanted to have something totally short with a bang to sweep over her forehead.
Jamie after- This new shape shows off her gorgeous face shape and jaw. Her cowlick was a challenge, but with enough texture and length, her bangs lay perfect. I think she looks like a modern day Audrey Hepburn.

Joanne before- Joanne has always liked herself with bangs, but her cowlick is very strong. We find that when her hair is cut short enough her bangs and hair can blend together and it helps to disguise her cowlick. Joanne also has very fine hair and even with her bob, her hair still wasn't giving her the body that she wanted.
Joanne after- When hair is fine, you have to be careful to not texturize too much. However, when you layer and cut the hair just right it gives you the volume at the crown that everyone wants. Joanne also didn't want to mess with her hair too much and she wanted the style youthful and easy.
I really think that if you want the best haircut possible, you need to go into it like Jaime and Joanne. They both had an idea of what they wanted, but were willing to listen to my feedback and opinion. Cutting your hair short doesn't have to be scary, it can be a fun and uplifting experience.


Sarah said...

I LOVE dramatic changes like this! I think you did a fantastic job! Honestly, they both looked lovely before, but they look AMAZING with their new haircuts. They look totally current and beautiful! I love the sweeping bang over Jamie's forehead. And I love the fringe on Joanne.

Serena Cherry said...

What beautiful transformations! I think you have really lucky clients! You are amazing. They did look beautiful before, but you enhanced their features and really made them look stylish before their events. Great job!

Rachel said...

I need someone like you, with vision (!!) to cut my hair. For years I have been going to stylists and asking them to do what they want with my hair...just make me look good. And they all seem to wimp out and I end up with the same thing everytime. blah. These transformations are awesome!!