Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rainbow Colored Hair

Remember back when I did this? No? Well I do. I loved it. There is something about adding bright colors to your hair that just makes you so happy. Did you have friends like I did who would try coloring their hair in the bathroom with Kool-Aid or the ever so popular Manic Panic? Now you can get it done at most salons, and the look is way less crazy. The colors come out richer and there is very little commitment since the color washes out after a few weeks.

What do you think? Would you ever die your tips? Or, are you daring like Katy Perry and go all out? I hear Sienna Miller is joining in the fun as well. I wonder who will be next....

Lauren picture found here
Katy Perry picture found here
Kate Bosworth found here


Sarah said...

I would color the tips of my hair but I don't think I would color my entire hair a crazy color like pink or blue. I loved the tye-dye look Lauren did on her hair, but she wasn't as brave as I thought she was . . . I read her colorist dyed her hair extensions and then put them in her hair. That's not as brave to me, but I still liked the idea of it.

Mallory Fielding said...

I did not know Lauren only colored her hair extensions! Oh, the scandal. I don't find that brave at all. I mean, look at Kate Bosworth, she totally went all out.

I think you, Sarah, could get away with so much more than you realize.