Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 29- "Side Knot"

This prom season there were SO many girls that wanted their updo on the side rather than right in the back of their head. I am a big fan of this look. I love seeing it with a pretty flower or sparkly clip. I also don't think it is so dressy that you can't wear it during the day as well. I left my bangs out to add to the romance of the style. I am a big fan of flipping the bangs out when leaving them down. The rest of the hair was teased really well at the crown then pulled into a low side pony. I always take the pony on the opposite side of my part. After the pony is secured I twisted it around my hand almost like I was going to tie my hair into a knot, then secure the hair with a few bobby pins. Use the end of your rat tail comb under the hair at the crown to give it some lift. Spray it, and go.
Have a happy hair day!


Emily said...

I think this is my favorite of all of them.

Sarah said...

Very pretty, elegant, and cool.

What?! A comment from Emily Gurney? Hi Emily!

Serena Cherry said...

Elegant and glamorous was what I was thinking. Beautiful! I have never done this one, going to start tomorrow! And hello to Emily Gurney from me too! :)

Emily said...

Hi guys! It's just like we're in the next room!