Friday, July 15, 2011

Things to come

Dear Lovely Friends,

I have been thinking about my blog all day. I know that I am done with my 30 day challenge, but I still have so many ideas for what I want to do. I just finished another tutorial that I hope you will all love. They are having a challenge over at the beauty department for people to submit their hair tutorial. You can only imagine how totally excited I was to hear about this!!! My tutorial will be on the Chignon and it is a picture tutorial. Lincoln took all the pictures and really helped me to execute it well. I don't plan on posting the tutorial until it is all put together, so hold your horses, it's coming. Also, I know I hinted for a giveaway and then I didn't mention it again. SO sorry about that one. I do have plans for a giveaway, but when I mentioned it, I got all sick and didn't get around to it. I WILL DO A GIVEAWAY, MARK MY WORDS.

I am, however, on my way to a week vacation with my sisters and our kids. I can't wait. The poor husbands have to stay at home and work while we play with our lovely kiddos on the beach. I will post a bit, but not as often (obviously) since I will be focusing on the sunshine and the water. Thanks for following me thus far, I promise to try and make it worth your while.



Laurie & Clint said...

Mallory, I love what you are doing with your blog! You are so inspiring. I have even found myself thinking I need to get out of my comfort zone because of you! Can't wait to keep reading. You should have some of your readers send in pics of their hair do's that you've inspired!

Serena Cherry said...

Have a great trip!! You've earned it busy lady!

The Loops said...

I know I begged for it before, but more videos please! I know they are probably a pain in the butt, but they really help me. I literally watch your videos, as well as, Meryn's to try and copy you. My only real skill is strightening and I am trying to broaden my horizons.