Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Hair

I have been getting some great questions and I wanted to be sure to answer them all without boring you with a huge post. Some of the questions are similar or repeated, and some are really detailed. I hope my answers will help you better understand your hair.

I have a question. I've asked you before; but my now 21 month old is getting more of a mullet. My hairstylist suggest trimming it all over. What do you think?
Most babies have a weird growth pattern to their hair and you can never predict when the hair will start to grow in even. I encourage giving your kids shorter cuts to even out the growth if you are really concerned with their hair being all over the place. However, some little tykes don't have any growth on the sides or even in the back where it has worn down from laying on their backs, don't mess with going that short. In that case, you are talking buzzing or shaving the head, don't do it. Let's be honest, we are talking about babies or really little kids, having crazy hair can be cute. I had no hair for the longest time as a baby. Patience is key. Their hair will grow and you don't want to make any drastic changes that you will regret.

Any suggestions on what to do with post partum hair that's now falling out?! Ugh, I hate this stage!
Post partum hair is the worst!! I mean we are already dealing with a huge change to our bodies and our sleeping, but to mess with our hair!! I feel for you. I have SO many clients who come in with super short hair all along the hairline that just drives them crazy. I also have some clients who come in with super curly hair after having straight hair their entire lives. Talk about frustrating. The answer.... I don't have one.
I know, I am really not doing well with this Q and A thing.
Look, when you are dealing with hormone changes (the reason your hair is falling out, curling, straightening, what have you) there is nothing you can do but let your hormones balance out again. I would suggest that your best way to deal with it is to keep taking your prenatal vitamins and maybe a folic acid or B complex. These things will keep your body regulated and give you the strength your hair needs. You didn't loose almost any hair while pregnant, so it is all coming out now and freaking you out. I promise you wont go bald. If the short hair around your face is really driving you nuts, I might suggest you get bangs to blend in the short hair. Your hair is a product of what is going on inside of your body. Having a baby is BIG work. It just makes sense that you will see it in your hair. At least you have a little cutie pie to make up for it. Hang in there, before you know it your baby will be out of diapers and your hair will be all shiny and glorious again.


Connie said...

Amen to all of that. I have 4 kiddos, had them all back-to-back. I've seriously been pregnant or had a little baby for the last 8 years!! I'm SO ready for my hair to be all shiny & glorious again, that will be a good day!! :)

Alex said...

You need some extensions for that post partum! Yeah!

Haha! Thanks for loving me! I LOVE this hair challenge.

The Bookness said...

He is a cutie. =) Love the expression.