Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the mend

When I started this 30 day adventure I never planned on getting sick in the middle of it. I had a high fever, ear infections, and a killer sore throat, it just about knocked my socks off. I wanted to post hair pictures for those two days, but I also didn't think you needed to see me with awful sweaty bed head. I was a mess. So, let's continue on like this never happened. I wanted to share with you a very interesting color technique that my BFF showed me the other day. Do you look at the Beauty Department? NO?!! Well you should. It was started by our good friend Lauren Conrad and some of her trusty beauty guru's. Check it out. Anyways, before you head on over there, take a look at that color technique I was talking about. What do you think? Is it going to catch on? Would you ever?


Serena Cherry said...

I am happy to hear you are on the mend! I love this hair. I love hippie long hair, and love the idea behind it. My hair would never look as cool, since it is curly and dark, but I would support anyone doing it! I am excited to look at that website, I've never heard of it, but love LC! :)

Sarah said...

Well, obviously I love this dye job since I sent it to you. I would totally rock this. I love it for a few reasons. I love it because it's on the ends of the hair and no where else. I love my hair color already so I'd hate to dye it all and not ever get my natural hair color back, so I like that it's something I could just chop off when I didn't want it anymore. The only thing I'm concerned about and maybe this is a topic in and of itself --- what if a hair-style/dye-job doesn't go with your style. I mean, what if I dressed in a pilgrim dress with this dye job? Don't you think that would look silly? I mean, what's your opinion on someone's fashion sense and their hair?

Alex said...

Um. For we look ast Beauty Department....WHO WOULD NOT? LC is my bff wanna be.

That dye style is out here. growing fast just like the feather thing did. I love your challenge!

Glad your feeling better!