Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 7- "What's holding your hair back?"

I know that some of you are going to take one look at this hair style and think, "LAME!" But, wait, I want to explain. I think it is important to know how to pull your hair back away from your face, but still giving you volume and hold. You need to know secure your hair back with only bobby pins (and not using a rubber band) so you can better understand how to start a updo. And, I also think it is crucial to know how to do this with using the least amount of bobby pins possible. THIS is why I styled my hair like I did, to get you on track to knowing how to really style your hair. Your'e welcome.

Let's begin. You can see that I have a nice bump at my crown with smooth sides pulled back. Below is a step by step on how to achieve said style.

Step 1. Take your crown section and give yourself some nice back combing. After the back combing, bobby pin only the crown section down by putting a bobby pin on either side of the section. Remember, this is only the crown. You are leaving the front sides out for now. Step 2- Take on of the side parts and smooth it across the two bobby pins holding the crown section down. Place a third bobby pin under the bobby pin opposite from the side you are working on. Slide it in straight not at an angle, this will help the bobby pin hide under the hair.
Step 3- Take the other side and repeat what you did with the first side by sliding a bobby pin in under the other pin holding the crown in place.
Step 4- (I admit, I didn't do this step very well for the picture.) You now need to make sure the hair is hiding the pins and the strand are held in place.
I didn't get a good chance to look in the mirror as I was doing these pictures, but you get the idea. I love using this technique when I start many of my updos so the style doesn't weigh down the crown and make the hair too flat on top. I always use bobby pins and rarely do I use hair pins or straight pins. I know this doesn't look like much, but once you understand how to put a bobby pin in, you can do so much with your hair.

Have a happy hair day!

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Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I love this hairstyle. I know it's so simple, but I think it's so classic and hip at the same time. I've always wondered how to achieve the look with minimal bobby pins and you just taught me!!! This is a great tutorial. I'm going to do it this week. Thanks Mal!