Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 13-"Who says you can only wear one?"

Oh, what's that? You thought I decided to wear just a lame ponytail for day 13?
Wrong, I decided to wear THREE ponytails!! Some of you asked me where I came up with the bun-hawk, and here it is. I used to wear my hair like this as my go to style until a girl told me it looked dumb. I was pretty upset and thought about retiring the look. But, then I remembered that she has the same haircut since the third grade and I have never seen her wear anything but sensible shoes. So, the triple pony rides again. It isn't too obvious that you have three ponies in there until you move them around a bit. I can't wear my hair in a pony to work, so this is my day off style.

Bonus! Check out the action shot. You thought it was fun to swing one pony around, try three!!
Don't mind my regrowth in the back. It is all part of my long term hair goal. I wanted to grow my color out a little so it can be ready for my next hair transformation. You need to prepare for these things.

Have a happy hair day!


Rach H said...

Awesome! I love your "hair goals." You're so great!

AngryBaker said...

I hear ya. I've had hair goals since I was 15. I usually have my hair planned out for a good year.

Sarah said...

Your hair looks really shiny and healthy in these pictures. I like the 3 ponytails (and I do believe I use to have the same hairclip as you, did we get it at Express in college?).