Friday, June 10, 2011

Have binkie, will travel

Clark, Lincoln, and I all took a little (quick) trip over Easter weekend to visit the Fielding family. We had a great time. I was so worried about the plane ride, but it turned out great. I think Clark is a sucker for nursing (ha ha) and he just can't help but fall asleep with a full tummy. Before we took off he was very excited and curious with what we were doing...

however, once the plane was airborne, this is what Clark looked like the entire flight!! Lucky us.
We had a great time with Great-Grandma Virginia. I love a four generation picture.
Check out Clark's awesome iphone shirt. I love this picture of Clark and Grandma Virg. She is such a beauty.
I also love the wonderful smiles of Grandma Cecelia and his big cousin Taylor. Clark loves his Grandma Cecelia. Everyone who sees Clark comments on how beautiful his eyes are, and I think he got them from his grandma. Taylor is such a cutie. I am so excited for Clark to grow up and follow Taylor around and want to do everything she is doing.
Clark only had to be in Utah for a quick weekend to fall in love with BYU. If this photo had sound you would hear him blowing raspberries. That kids loves his lips and he makes more sounds than I ever expected to come from a little guy like him. Like father, like son.
We loved our trip. Spending time with Lincoln's family and friends is so much fun. It isn't easy living so far away from them, but we want to make it a priority for Clark to know his Fielding family. Skyping is fun, but a trip like this is exactly what we needed. Love you guys.


Serena Cherry said...

So cute. I love the iphone onesie!! Awesome!

Sarah said...

I can't believe he fell asleep on the plane like that. You are so lucky!

Cute pics, Mal. I just wish I had been in Utah when you were in Utah so we could have hung out. But I'll be seeing you at the end of summer! I need to call you about that!