Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 9- "The Bun-Hawk"

Who says you have to only wear one? I want to wear three. I like my buns to be nice and messy. I don't mind if there are hairs twisting out all over the place. It looks nice all sleek and polished too, but sometimes you need to just not worry about it. I challenge you to try it.
I always start with the top bun. I have my hair parted on the side and just sort of swept back with the hair. I think you can part it just about anyway you want. I have a tendency to twist my buns the same direction and when I pin them, I pin in a X . I use only about 3-4 bobby pins per bun. I usually rake my fingers along the sides to blend the part a little, give it some spray, and I'm out the door. Give it a try. This works with shoulder length hair too, you just might need to use rubber bands to hold the buns in place.

Have a happy hair day!


Sarah said...

Did you just make this up? I've NEVER seen this hairstyle on anyone or anything. A bun hawk? I like it! You are just helping me add more and more cool hairstyles to my repertoire!

AngryBaker said...

The bun-hawk kills. I want to know (like Sarah) if you came up with it - I've never seen it done before.