Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 10- "Anniversary Hair"

Happy anniversary to Lincoln and me!!! It has been three awesome years. I wanted to do something fancy. I think you should all know that you can do something glamorous at home. It can't be as polished and perfect when you are doing it on your own head, but it can look great.I wanted to top and sides to be really soft and have everything just blend into the back.
I first start with tons of tight little curls all pined up on my head. I let them cool off and I just sort of get stuff done. This is when I would do my makeup, but since it was done, I just fead Clark. You can choose what you want to do...
After you take your curls down, they will be bouncy and soft. With your fingers just rake the curls back to a loose messy bun. The curls will hold and make it look fancy and nice. Use your bobby pins to secure the ends and spray it like crazy. The reason it doesn't sound technical is because it isn't. Just let it be organic and soft. Have fun and enjoy your sexy curls.

Have a happy hair day!

P.S. I did another tutorial today. Not for this hairstyle but another I will wear another day. I wanted to be prepared. It is one of my favorite hair styles, so get excited!!


Serena Cherry said...

Happy Anniversary! You look beautiful. I will def. try this look!

amyseely2003 said...

Gorgeous! I have a question. I've asked you before; but my now 21 month old is getting more of a mullet. My hairstylist suggest trimming it all over. What do you think?

Sarah said...

3 years? Already! Time flies.

This is beautiful. It reminds me how you did your hair on your wedding day, but maybe my memory is wrong. I like how you told us in the tutorial that we could choose what we wanted to do while we were waiting for the curls to cool off. Made me laugh.

And to answer Amy, I say yes! Why would you not want to trim your daughter's mullet?

The Bookness said...

A very pretty updo. Been looking for a place I can learn some great hair stuff. I'm your newest follower, maybe you visit me some day.