Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 17- "Hair? Oh yeah, I have hair."

This is Lincoln posting on Mallory's behalf for day 17. Unfortunately she came down with something nasty late Monday night/early Tuesday morning and just hasn't felt well since then.

Understandably, she didn't really have the opportunity nor the energy to do something today. She looks forward to continuing her posts as soon as she feels better.

To compensate, I present to you the following sleepy kitten:


Rachel said...

Ha ha! That kitten video is so funny! Just from your posting that video, lincoln, I think you are a great guy! Perfect for mallory! I give you the solon ward stamp of approval, lol ;)
I hope you feel better soon Mal!

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry Mal is so sick! That is horrible! And right on your birthday! Say it ain't so!

But yes, a cute video of a kitten falling asleep will keep me going until Mal is well enough to resume her daily hair posts.

Rob said...

Hahaha I like the sleepy kitten. Good job Lincoln. Mallory i hope you feel better. I have been enjoying all your hair ideas although there is no way i could ever make my hair look that good. You are amazing.

Rob said...

Oh by the way that last comment was from Megan Hall

Serena Cherry said...

Poor Mallory!! I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I am sure even your "sick" hair is awesome, but you shouldn't post it. You should just get in bed with some herbal tea and listen to some John Denver and you'll be back in business in no time! :)

Very funny cat, btw! Lane loves it. I am sure we will watch it one million times.