Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 8- "Father's Day Hair"

Happy Father's Day!! I wanted to show my appreciation to Lincoln by wearing my hair the way he likes it. Lincoln is amazingly supportive when it comes to my crazy love of all things girly. I have more clothes then I need (did I just admit to that?), I have SO much makeup and I write a blog about how I style my hair. HELLO!!! I don't think he knew what he was in for when we got married, but he is very supportive and helpful. (Who do you think takes most of the pictures?) Anyway, I wanted to show my love for him by wearing my hair the way he likes most- straight.
When I do a intricate style or lots of curls I NEVER let him run his fingers through my hair until the end of the night so he doesn't mess it up. However, when it is straight he can play with it to his hearts content. I added the braids to give some character to the otherwise straight hair. I have two on my left side, one on top of the other...
...and one french braid on this side. The braids help to keep the hair out of my face and they are so in right now. Thank you Lauren Conrad for making them so mainstream.
You want this simple look? Here are some key things you need to know.

Assuming you have smooth hair and it isn't TOO curly, here is the 411 on straightening out your hair. You have to smooth it out as best you can while you blow dry! Having a good silk product (my favorite is Moroccan Oil!!!) is so important. It will help to smooth out your hair as well as protect it. Use your hands or a wide tooth comb as you dry it to make it as smooth as possible. Once it is 100% dry it is time to section it off into small sections to flat iron it. Section it much like the way I showed you in the Loose Curl tutorial. Use small sections for best results. I would also recommend a heat protector to help fight fly aways and damage (caviar anti-aging rapid repair spray is my favorite). Using a good straightener is CRUCIAL to getting a nice smooth style. If you use one that is not a ceramic flat iron you are doing some major damage. I know that they are not cheap, but if you use it all the time, and you don't want to ruin your hair... THEN GET ONE THAT COUNTS! It is worth the money, I promise. I use a FHI flat iron. I know this is a really quick rundown, but I have a feeling most of you get the idea. If there are any questions, let me know and I will address them.

Hrmmm, where do I begin? It is like a braid, but attached to the head. I guess the only way to explain it is to show you. I might have to do a tutorial later. The way I learned is on my sisters head when I was about 9 or 10. I did it over and over again while we watched the Disney Channel family movie. Once you figure it out, you can do it anywhere. I will show you looks with different braids in the future. They are so fun and so important to know. Well, at least I think they are.

Ok, that was way too much writing. Are you still with me? I challenge you to wear braids in your hair and make sure it is touchable for your love. If not for your love, then for you.

Have a happy hair day!

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Sarah said...

Challenge achieved! I have worn braids in my hair like this, but very rarely. I also like to throw in a braid sometimes when my hair is close to its natural curl because I think it looks cool and kind of blends in but not totally.

This is really pretty. And I'm not use to seeing your hair stick straight. That's funny it's Lincoln's favorite style. I think I like it more curly, or more your natural wave. But of course that's the beauty of it --- we have so many options!!!