Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 2- "Curl Power"

Flat iron curls are where it's at. I love the versatility and shape they make. They are great to do right before styling a updo. The shine and polish the iron brings to your hair is awesome. The key to doing this is to break your hair down into sections. The sections will help you curl your hair faster and not miss any pieces. Keep the pieces small and start at the base. Clamp down on the hair and turn the iron a full 180 degrees, slowly start to pull the flat iron down the shaft of the hair continuing to turn it as you reach the ends. Don't touch the curl until you have finished curling the entire head. The curls will be hot and if you touch them too much, you might straighten the curl. Once you are all done work a soft palm aid to add polish and control. Finish with a spray and enjoy your bouncy curls. I love a good head of curly hair.

I just got my first question from my cousin Emily. Here it is-

So...question for mention we shouldn't be washing our hair every day! How do people manage that? My hair is so fine that by the end of the day it is so oily looking. I can't even imagine what it would look like on the following day without being washed!

I don't put product in it really and I try to be careful not to pit too much conditioner on my scalp...I put it on the ends and work my way up. Am I doing something wrong? Or is fine hair the exception to the rule? :)
Great question, Emily. And, yes, there are always exceptions to the rule. The texture of the hair, the climate that you live in, the product you use, I could go on and on. What works for you might not work for everyone. If you did use product (which I can't believe you get away with not using any) or if you colored your hair, I would suggest trying to go every other day to wash your hair. I think there is training period when you need to "teach" your hair to not get greasy. It sometimes might feel greasy, but doesn't look that way. It is all a matter of convenience and keeping your hair healthy. I know that you have very fine and silky hair and you probably don't need to worry about damage. I am sure washing your hair everyday isn't going to cause as much of a problem as it would to someone who has courser hair. I hope that answered your question.

Keep the questions coming. And have a happy hair day.


Sarah said...

I am LOVING this!!!

So, again, you look gorgeous! Seriously beautiful! And I do love that necklace . . . probably because it has good memories with it. You and me. New York. H&M. Jon on Saturday Night Live. Awesome Trip.

So, I never use a flat iron to curl my hair and I do curl my hair a lot. I guess I should try it and see how it's different on my hair.

I'm thinking, even though I know it would be more work, that you should do some video tutorials for us. That would be helpful!

I was seriously thinking about you all day, wondering what your hair-style was going to be today. I am addicted!

Stephanie said...

You have a cousin named Emily?

The Snavelys said...

Looks beautiful! So glad you posted it on facebook so I can follow all your hair styles and get some great ideas. How do you get it to stay curled? Mine falls out after an hour or two and if I try hairspray I feel like it looks crunchy. :)

Mari said...

Love this, Mallory!
Even though my hair is summer cut to 1" long (short) for the sumner.
This is fun, fun, fun gorgeous gal!

Laurie & Clint said...

This is such a fun idea. I think I could give you an endless supply of hair questions! I love my hair, but it is very course and textured and heavy, so it's hard to do and takes forever to dry. What products are best for this hair type? I feel I've tried a million things but have yet to find my go to product!

Rachel said...

this is gorgeous and looks like it must take HOURS to do! So pretty! I will try :)