Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 1- "Nothin' much"

I decided to start out easy, I wanted to show you what my hair looks like without anything done to it. I seriously did NOTHING!!! Hence the title, "nothin' much." I washed it the day before and wore it in a bun most of the day, so that is why it has a little wave. I didn't wash it this morning, but I ALWAYS wash my bangs. I think the biggest thing most of my clients do that they need to work on is NOT washing their hair everyday. It doesn't need it. I wash my hair every other day, sometimes even every two. I think the blow dry time takes way too long and it can be damaging to your hair. At night, I sleep with it in a low loose ponytail or a high bun so it doesn't get too tangled. Like I said before, I always wash my bangs though. I just wash them in the sink or I leave them out of the shower cap (this look is VERY attractive). This hopefully shows you what I have to work with. My hair is right at maybe a little below my bra strap with layers and almost chin length bangs. So, there you go. I know this is very anti-climactic, but we are just getting started.


Sarah said...

First of all, you look gorgeous! Hello HOTTIE! Glowing skin, sparkling eyes, beautiful smile . . .

I like Day One. I too hardly wash my hair. Honestly, I usually wash my hair ONCE a week, maybe TWICE a week. Maybe that's too little, but that's what I do.

Your hair looks pretty like this.

Taryn said...

I wish my hair looked like that with out doing anything to it! You and your hair are both beautiful! Excited to see/hear all your secrets :)

Cunningham Clan said...

Hey Mallory! It's your cousin Emily! Love this idea! Can't wait to see all the fun hair styles you come up with.

So...question for mention we shouldn't be washing our hair every day! How do people manage that? My hair is so fine that by the end of the day it is so oily looking. I can't even imagine what it would look like on the following day without being washed!

I don't put product in it really and I try to be careful not to pit too much conditioner on my scalp...I put it on the ends and work my way up. Am I doing something wrong? Or is fine hair the exception to the rule? :)

would love your expertise! :)

Serena Cherry said...

Really Mallory, you are one beautiful woman! What a genius idea! I never thought to just wash my bangs! I guess that is why you are so awesome at what you do. And when I say awesome at what you do, I mean everything you do that shows your amazing style...not just with the hair! I am totally doing this. I have trouble with the front part of my hair if I don't wash it daily. THANK you for doing this 30 day thing, I am totally excited!

Colleen Eve said...

Hey Mallory - I am loving these posts. I am inspired to put some more effort into my own hair because I've noticed the mom ponytail has started to be a more frequent fall back than it used to be.

Question for you - I work out 3-4 times a week and my hair gets sweaty too. How do you suggest that I wash without over-washing my hair daily?