Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 16- "Birthday Hair"

That's right, it's my birthday!! I am not one for making a big deal of my birthday, but it turned out to be a really nice day. Spending my day at work was not something I wanted to do, but it turned out fine. I was able to block out some time to have dinner with Lincoln and Clark before I headed back to finish a few more clients. I love living close to the salon!!!
To continue with "braid week" I did a dutch braid zig-zag across my head. A dutch braid is basically a regular braid, but inside out. You turn the hair out as you braid, and to get the zig-zag, you only pick up the hair for one side of the braid. Am I confusing you yet? Well, I will just have to do a video to show you. But for now, I am going to bed. It's my birthday after all, I am getting older and these late hours are killing me. :)

Have a happy hair day!!


Sarah said...


I can't even imagine how you did this hairstyle on your head, but as always, it looks beautiful! Glad you got to carve some time out to celebrate with your boys. I hope you got my message. Love you tons!

AngryBaker said...

Happy Bday!

I'm with Sarah - this looks complicated. But I'm glad to learn that it's called a Dutch braid. I've been calling it a reverse french braid forever. Dutch braids are my preference on my middle child. I wish she had more hair so I could practice some of this stuff. I don't suppose a mohawk braided down the middle would look cool.

Serena Cherry said...

Happy Birthday and this is gorgeous! So elegant, but also artistic and interesting! I love when hair is artistic. Make a statement whenever you can, right?